10 Fun Beach Games to Play with Friends

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California is a prime place to spend time with your friends hanging out on the beach. The weather is temperate to warm year round and the beaches are perfect for a family or friends get together. There’s no better way to spend a day than on the beach with friends.

That being said, sometimes being on the beach gets boring. You’ve swam in the water, had some food and drinks, and talked each other’s ears off. Now you’re looking for something else to do. Beach games are a great answer. Believe me, we’ve extended trips to the beach by hours thanks to these fun beach games for adults and kids.

Kubb beach game

We’ve been living on the beach for a while now and we’ve been trying different games to play at the beach with friends on the weekends. There are a ton of great games, but these are our 10 best beach games to play with friends for a fun day on the beach. These will keep you entertained for hours.

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10 Great Beach Games to Try


Kubb on the beach

The game Kubb (pronounced Koob) is a Swedish lawn game that’s gaining in popularity. The game involves using wooden dowels to knock over as many of the other team’s blocks, called Kubbs, as possible.

Throughout the game, as you knock down your opponents Kubbs, they must first knock those extras down before they can move on to knocking yours down again. If you’re looking for a new and unique game to play at the beach, Kubb is great fun.


Bunghole is another super fun and simple throwing game that’s easy to learn. It’s like corn hole but for the beach. I mean, who wants to lug those heavy boards out onto the sand? A good thing about this is that you can have any number of players split up into two teams. The goal of the game is to throw all of your disks into your bucket that is set up across from you.

To set it up, all you have to do is push the two bowls into the ground. Each player or team gets four disks. Then you just take turns tossing the discs into the bowls. Where your disc lands on the bowl will determine if you got a skid mark, dingleberry, or even a floater.


Cornhole is the classic tossing game to play with friends, and is super easy to play and learn. For playing on the beach, we recommend getting a portable set so you don’t have to lug heavy boards around. The basic concept is you take turns throwing sandbags into a hole in the board to score points. This can be played one on one or with a group split into teams.

To play, you need a cornhole set. The boards should be about 27 feet apart, and each team gets four sandbags. Players alternate throwing and trying to get their bags into the hole in other teams’ board. The first team to 21 points wins.


If you like badminton and table tennis, this is a perfect beach game for you. I don’t know why this is so addicting, but it is. We can be out there for hours hitting the birdie back and forth. To play, all you need are the paddles and the birdies. You don’t need a net, though you can purchase a version that does come with a net.

Just like with the other volley games, you start by serving the birdie, then hit it back and forth until it drops. You can play it in two ways. It can be a competition where you play to points, or you can play it as a cooperative game to see how many times you can volley it without it dropping.

The game comes with a number of different birdies you can use for different scenarios – like playing in the wind and at night. It also has a slow and fast birdie, to mix it up.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a twist on classic tossing games that can be played anywhere, but we like to play it on the beach. In Kan Jam, there’s the normal set up of a tossing game with two buckets across from each other. But the fun of this game comes from how the teams work.

The game is played with 4 players, 2 per team. One team member is the thrower and the other is the deflector. The thrower tosses the frisbee at the goal and the deflector stands behind the goal and tries to bat the frisbee into the goal. You play until one team reaches 21 points. It’s a really fun and competitive team game that we love playing with our friends.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a classic for beach games with balls and is great to play on the beach with friends. You need a bocce ball set to play this game. The one pictured above has a great carrying case that it comes in, so it’s easy to transport.

The game begins with one player throwing the pallino – the small white ball of the set. Wherever it lands is where you will aim for with your next throws. The players take turns throwing their colored balls as close as possible to the white ball. Whoever gets closest to the white ball will get points, and how many points depends on how many of their balls land closer to the white than their opponents’ balls.

You can play the game one on one or as teams of 2-4 players each. The first team to 11 points wins, as long as they have at least 2 more points than their opponent. Get ready to have some fun with bocce ball!

Bucket Ball

If you like beer pong, bucket ball is a larger version of the classic drinking game, only larger so it can easily be played on the beach. You need a BucketBall set, which consists of 12 large buckets, 2 game balls, instructions, and a bag to carry it around in.

To play, teams of one or two take turns throwing balls into the buckets. If you land a ball in a bucket, the bucket is removed. The team who removes all of the buckets first is the winner. The game is really great for the beach and can be played anyone, just by moving the buckets closer to each other for the kids. They’ll love it just as much as you do.

Ladder Toss

After all those ball tossing games, you might be looking for something a little different. That’s Ladder Toss. This game comes with two goal boards that have three rungs on them. You break up into teams and then take turns throwing the bolo balls (two balls connected by a rope) at the target, trying to wrap the bolo around the rungs.

You score different points depending on what rung you got. You score 3 points for the top rung, 2 for middle, and 1 for lower. It’s a team game and super quick to set up. The set comes with a carry bag and all the poles that you just fit together to make the rack, along with the balls.


For a group of friends that is really active, competitive, or are just looking for something that will get them moving, you should try Spikeball.

A Spikeball set comes with a couple of balls, a spike ball net, and a carry bag. To play, split up into two teams of two players each. One player serves the ball at the opponent and then the opponents have up to 3 touches to bounce the ball back to the net before play switches to the other team. If a team cannot return the ball in 3 touches, the other team scores a point.

You do need quite a bit of space to play this game, and I’ve found that it’s much easier to play on compacted sand than loose sand, because it’s hard to move. But it’s super fun and very active.


TidalBall is a mix between cornhole and bocce ball. The Tidalball set itself is just some balls, a scoop, and a bag, plus some koozies for keeping your drinks cold. I like that you can use the balls to play many different games, not just this one.

The intended way to play is to draw a hole and a trench in the sand and take turns throwing your balls into the trench and hole. You score points depending on where the ball lands. It’s super easy to play, and great fun.

Final Thoughts

Beach games are a great way to connect with your friends in the sand. We hope that you enjoy some of these easy and fun beach games to make your visits to the beach more memorable.

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10 Fun Beach Games to Play with Friends

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